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Boarding passes are horrible. How can I make them better?
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This is a personal project. There are no other contributors.
Boarding passes are horrible. They're near impossible to scan, full of alignment issues, and are more or less a master class in how poorly something can be designed.

In this project I seek to make TSA's job easier by making the relevant information more pronounced as well as enhancing the passengers airport experience by quickly conveying their gate information. I limited my use of color to maintain practicality of ink costs and observe the technical limitations of thermal printers.
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October 2018
Problem One: TSA Information
These are my boarding passes from my latest trip. On my American Airlines pass, the TSA agent marked my name, departing airport, and the date. I've highlighted that information in blue on both of my passes.
Right away we can see that there is no standardization across airlines which only makes TSA's job harder as they have to memorize the layout of every airline to be able to quickly find the information they're looking for.
The least we can do is make the location of this information more obvious.
Problem Two: Flight Information
In this image, I've highlighted the gate, boarding time, boarding group, seat, and departure times. Again, there is no standardization.
Frontier does a much better job of grouping this information together than American Airlines, but I believe this can be improved upon further.

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