Professional Project
Project Overview
The majority of my work has been dedicated to a tool called Transit.  This tool is "one place for data" for our users and has undergone a large expansion to accommodate a large number of data types and their associated entries into the Brandwise ecosystem.
My Contributions
In this position, with Brandwise being a moderately small company, I've had to play the whole game of design. I've contributed all over the place including but not limited to Design Research, UX Design, UI Design, Marketing, and back-end operations when necessary.
UX Designer
June 2018 - Present
I was hired at Brandwise when they were beginning the redesign of their entire product suite. In this position, i have begun leading teams of developers and creating patterns that will be used across all of our products. I've become the main point of contact for our external vendors and internal developers alike.

Brandwise is new to hiring designers and I've helped establish design process and inter-departmental collaboration. My contributions have dramatically expanded the scope of Transit and streamlined workflows for all involved parties

Brandwise Redesign: Top Navigation
One of the first hurdles we crossed in redesigning the Brandwise product suite was how the top navigation would work. We knew for sure that we had to account for people that work for multiple businesses as that is not uncommon in the wholesale industry. But beyond that, we needed to create a top navigation that would be useful.
We looked at two patterns when ideating how it would work
  • Users have to return to the Brandwise dashboard to switch between brandwise produts
  • Users could switch directly between Brandwise products
We pursued the second option as it isn't unusual for users to use multiple products in a single session.
This broke our top navigation into three sections.
  • The far right section is which business the user is currently doing work for
  • The middle section are the pieces of Brandwise that every company has access to (Help and Passport)
  • The far left section is every product that a company has a contract to use
Brandwise Redesign: Page Layout
After settling in on a top navigation, we needed to come up with a consistent page layout to use for the individual products.  We played around with several different layouts but settled on a tabbed page with the tabs being how we end up organizing the products when applicable.
To see it all come together, view the second image.
Transit: The Early Stages
Brandwise works with ~500,000 suppliers, all of which have their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems set up differently. Branwise needs a way for suppliers to get their product files into Brandwise in a format they can consume (e.g. where one supplier puts "SKUNumber", another supplier may put "SKU", and Brandwise is looing for the field "ProductSKU".)
After many rounds of iteration and quick-and-dirty user testing with our support staff, we started to come to a workable solution illustrated below. Unfortunately, Brandwise is a small company and would not allocate the time or resources to proper user testing for this project. I have successfully conveyed the importance of such ventures on subsequent projects and regularly engage in proper user testing.
Transit: File Preparation
The first step of file preparation is getting the users file into Transit. We do this with a simple uploader.
The second step is teaching transit how their files are set up by specifying which delimiter their ERP uses as well as if the first row of the file contains column headers or not.
For a GIF of this process please click here
Transit: Mapping
After the user has set up Transit to understand their file, they can begin the mapping process.
This process involves selecting a Brandwise property and associating it with the related column in the product file they are uploading.
Transit has two different steps that involve mapping. One is dedicated to price break (different prices based on volume) and product information (SKU, weight, etc). After completing the required product information fields, the user is given the opportunity to map additional fields that Brandwise recommends are used.
For a gif of this process please click here
Transit: Help
As previously discussed, all our our 500,000 suppliers have ERPs that are set up differently. There is minimal standardization of terminology in the industry. In an effort to combat this confusion, we've attached tooltips that define what our properties mean.
Additionally we have made tooltips that show the user the first few rows of their own data to remind them what they are mapping.
Transit: Expansion
All of the messaging around Transit from our marketing and sales team has been centered around Transit being "One place for data." However, brandwise as a company had not taken this to heart and wanted to impose the following restrictions
  • Transit is a tool for suppliers only
  • Transit only handles product files
  • Transit only brings data in
This seemed unnecessarily restrictive to me. After stepping back and recognizing all the different types of data that Brandwise will need to deal with as the system matures further, I pushed to head in a different direction with the product
Transit: Activity Hubs
After highlighting the disconnect between our marketing and our implementation with my coworkers and superiors, the direction of Transit has changed dramatically as a result of my work. Currently, only product file uploads have been develop, moving forward the following changes will be implemented.
  • Transit is a tool for suppliers, agencies, and retailers, all with different tool sets
  • Transit will handle images, promotions, price lists, and other conditions that our B2B platform needs to handle
  • Transit will be a tool to put data into Brandwise, get data out of, and view what data exists
Transit: Expansion
This direction opens up the possibility of an unlimited number of types of data that can be handled by Transit moving forward. I am currently working on developing UI's for future activity hubs for Price Lists, Promotions, and more that may look something like the images to the right.

I would cherish the opportunity to discuss them with you further.

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