Academic Project
Project Overview
Crate&Barrel is a retail store specializing in housewares, furniture, and home accessories. They approached us with the desire to improve their shopping experience anywhere in the journey between arriving at the website and adding an item to the cart.
Our team won this project and our work was previously used on their website.
My Contributions
Being an academic project, every team member largely acted as a jack of all trades.
Crate&Barrel provided our team with a large amount of internal research. The research included personas, customer base style preferences, longitudinal spending habits, and others.

Our analysis of the provided research led us to limit ourselves to design for the Trend Enthusiast, the individual item pages, and the cart view with the goal of instilling more consumer confidence in purchases.
Indiana University
M.S. Human Computer Interaction Design
Spring 2016
Solution One: Style Checker
Crate’s in-store employees are masters of current trends, and Trend Enthusiasts are very likely to use a designer for their spaces.  Expanding designer availability to customers without access to a physical location may yield more confidence in online purchases and drive sales
Solution Two: Compatibility Checker
Our team recognized that seeing a single isolated item makes it hard to visualize in a space and sought to rectify that. We suggest that Crate invests in showcasing particular home decor styles such as Traditional, Modern, Cottage, Contemporary, Eclectic styles, and others, with the item in question as the main focus.
Solution Three: Constant Context
As Crate looks to become more of a style leader, we focused on creating a more meaningful and engaging interaction that allow customers to identify, explore, and relate with products all while exposing them to trends and expert opinions that Crate has become known for.
Solution Three: User Testing
Our subject self-identified as a visual person and enjoyed the stylistic update. In shopping for furniture she identified the color of the fabric as the most important visual aspect for a potential purchase.
She noted both the current version and our iteration was that when she selected a color for the couch, only the initial image reflected the change. She advised she would like to see her color/fabric selection reflected throughout the entire product page experience.
Solution Three: Iteration
In Crate’s current interaction, the color swatches act as a persistent header throughout the page. When a user interacts with these, the are moved to the top of the page in order to see reflected changes.
In our iteration we suggest keeping the graphical update that we tested, but also implementing the color and fabric of user choices throughout the page. This consistent coloring will help the customers visualize the item in either their own home or in the sets suggested by Crate&Barrel stylists.

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